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Multi Scale Dial Durometer

Part#: MS-1
Supplier: Rex Gauge Durometers
Calibration Certificate: available on request

For the technician that must perform hardness tests on various types of non-metallic materials, Rex Gauge Company now introduces the Multi-Scale durometer test kit.

The Multi-Scale base kit consists of a Rex Type A durometer, and your choice of one of more color-coded barrel adapters for D, B, C, DO, O, OO or OOO scales (see chart for applications).

Changing scales is accomplished by unscrewing one barrel and replacing it with another - no supplementary calibration or adjustments are necessary. A test block, calibrated to the selected scale is also included. The block allows the user to perform quick functional checks on the instrument.

The indicator and barrels are made in the USA, and are calibrated to the ASTM-D2240 standard for durometer hardness testers.


  • Color-coded barrel adapters for D, B, C, DO, O, OO or OOO scales(sold separately)
  • Includes NIST Calibration Certificate
  • Conforms to ASTM D-2240
  • Custom Made Carrying Case
  • One Year Warranty


  • Size: 2.25" x 6.125"H
  • Weight: 6 oz.


Ordering info

SKUDescription Durometer TypeIn Stock
MS-1-AType A Barrel with Indicator Shore A 0
MS-1-BType B Barrel adapter Shore B 0
MS-1-CType C Barrel adapter Type C 0
MS-1-DType D Barrel adapter Shore D 0
MS-1-DOType DO Barrel adapter Type DO 0
MS-1-EType E Barrel adapter Type E 0
MS-1-kitComplete Kit (Less OOO and E) Less OOO and E Shore 0
MS-1-OType O Barrel adapter Type O 0
Ms-1-OOType OO Barrel adapter Type OO 0
MS-1-OOOType OOO Barrel adapter Type OOO 0

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