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Standard Dial Durometer

Part#: Model 1600
Supplier: Rex Gauge Durometers
Calibration Certificate: available on request


REX 1600 video presentation


  • Includes NIST Calibration Certificate
  • Conforms to ASTM D-2240
  • One Year Warranty
  • Custom Made Carrying Case
  • Large Dial
  • Full 360 Degree Sweep
  • Jeweled Movement
  • Available ASTM Types: A, D, B, C, DO, E, M,
    O, OO, OOO, OOO-S, RR and CF


Rex 1600 durometers in Canada

How to use


Hold the durometer in a near-vertical position and press the foot of the gauge firmly against the specimen, (but not so firmly as to imbed the foot into the surface of the material). The dial hand gives the reading in durometer points.
Creep or cold-flow of the specimen, if present, will be evident by receding action of the dial hand. Note initial reading, and again, the reading after a given time delay while maintaining firm contact of the foot against the specimen.


An example of a properly noted durometer reading: “Durometer A 61, Creep 7 at 15 seconds, 73°F.”
Repeat above steps for each use. At Rest Position: 90-95 (Types A, B, and O), Zero (Types C, D, DO, OO, OOO, and M)


Ordering info

SKUDescription Durometer TypeIn Stock
1600-ARex Dial Durometer Type A 0
1600-Asker-CRex Dial Durometer Asker C 0
1600-BRex Dial Durometer Type B 0
1600-CRex Dial Durometer Type C 0
1600-CFRex Dial Durometer Type CF 0
1600-DRex Dial Durometer Type D 0
1600-DORex Dial Durometer Type DO 0
1600-ERex Dial Durometer Type E 0
1600-MRex Dial Durometer Type M 0
1600-ORex Dial Durometer Type O 0
1600-OORex Dial Durometer Type OO 0
1600-OOORex Dial Durometer Type OOO 0
1600-OOO-SRex Dial Durometer Type OOO-S 0
1600-RRRex Dial Durometer Type RR 0

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