Bench Top Hardness Testers

Our bench top hardness testers offer an easy and very precise testing procedure for hardness measurements .

We sell in Canada highly sensitive and accurate hardness testing machines, for all types of hard or soft metals and alloys, with different specifications and features from Shimana and Starrett. Commonly used in tool rooms, workshops, laboratories and inspection labs our bench top hardness testers are generally valued for their excellent repeatability in all Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell hardness scales.

Go further with our Rockwell hardness testing machines, with rugged construction and engineered to provide highly sensitive, accurate readings. Find the right bench top hardness tester for you and contact our sales department today.

HRA, HRB, HRC Manual Rockwell Hardness Tester
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHPIHT236

The hardnes test setup is just as fast and just as easy. Designed for high accuracy, reliability and durability, this Analog Hardness Tester manufactured by SHIMANA shows the HRA, HRB, HRC test results on the dial display.

Benchtop Rockwell Hardness Tester
Supplier: Starrett
Part#: 3814

Ergonomically designed for easy operation, this 3814 Hardness Tester is engineered to ensure accurate results for major loads up to 150Kgf.

Dual Scale Rockwell Hardness Tester
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: AERM

Purchase this quick and easy to operate bench top hardness tester manufactured by Shimana suited for any environment including workshops, laboratories and inspection labs.

Twin Rockwell Hardness Tester
Supplier: Starrett
Part#: 3815

Buy this 3815 Rockwell Hardness Tester in Canada from us and start Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial testing on all types of metal and alloys, hard or soft and in many shapes. It is highly sensitive, accurate and ideal for heat treatment facilities, work

963 Rockwell Hardness Testers
Supplier: Mitutoyo
Part#: Series 200

This series of economy type bench-top hardness testers manufactured by Mitutoyo (series 200) comes with four economical Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines to suit practically every hardness application.

Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHBLHT237

This Rockwell Testing Machine provides automatic test force, 15 Rockwell scales and is suitable for testing of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, non ferrous metal, engineering plastic, etc.

Advanced Rockwell Hardness Testers
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHBLHT238 series

Series of models with single Regular Rockwell and dual Regular Rockwell & Rockwell Superficial hardness scales. The force load automatically controlled by the computer. Shimana Rockwell Hardnes Testers with higher results for up to 15 kind Rockwell hardne

Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester (400 mm test height)
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHBLHT237-L

With a greater test height (400mm) and featuring both automatic test force switch and load cycle, this Shimana Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester displays the results digitally, print them or automatically transmitted to a computer.

Rockwell Bench Top Hardness Tester
Supplier: Starrett
Part#: 3816

Starrett 3816 Hardness Tester is so powerful, easy to use and more precise than any other Bench Top Hardness Tester at the same price. Take full advantage of its highly sensitive and accurate readings and buy it from us today.

Rockwell Type Hardness Testing Machines
Supplier: Mitutoyo
Part#: Series 810

Offering a real time electronic test force control, the Mitutoyo Bench Top Hardness Machine (series 810) delivers multiple hardness tests for Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial and Brinell hardness.

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