Imada Instruments in Canada


Rubber and Plastic Test Blocks
Supplier: Imada
Part#: RS

Rubber and Plastic Test Blocks for Durometers Asker A, C and D. Available for sale from our Brampton warehouse.

Super EX Durometers
Supplier: Imada
Part#: EX Series

The Imada Super EX Durometers feature a heavy-duty metal case and is available for Shore A, Shore D and Asker C Hardness scales.

Asker X Series Durometers
Supplier: Imada
Part#: X Series

These Imada Asker X series durometers feature an optional peak indicators and are available in Shore A Hardness, Shore D Hardness and Asker C Hardness durometer scales.

Constant Load Stand for Durometers
Supplier: Imada
Part#: e-series

With this Rex Stand for Durometers the different load variables which occur will be eliminated. The constant load stand features all metal construction and a safety shield to protect your hands.

Pneumatic Speed Control Test Stand
Supplier: Imada
Part#: CL-150 Series

Meet this Imada CL-150 Rubber & Plastic Hardness Tester with Pneumatic Speed Control and Flexible Coupling. Test speed and weight are constant during the measurements. A printing roller durometer application can be setup using our special adapter.