Mitutoyo Instruments in Canada


HH300 Hardmatic Dial Durometers
Supplier: Mitutoyo
Part#: 811 series, analog

Meet the new generation of Mitutoyo Series 811 Dial Durometers designed for hardness measurement of natural rubber, neoprene, polyesters, P.V.C., leather and other materials. Buy it from us and enjoy the best quality and accuracy at a reasonable price.

HH300 Hardmatic Digital Durometers
Supplier: Mitutoyo
Part#: 811 series, digital

Buy this Mitutoyo Durometer available in both Shore A and Shore D scales in Canada from us. Featuring a data holdfunction, this durometer offers best quality and accuracy at a reasonable price.

Rebound type portable hardness tester
Supplier: Mitutoyo
Part#: HH-411

This Mitutoyo Rebound Hardness Tester, Model HH-411 was designed to provide extended capabilities and unmatched easy operations. Ergonomically and yet portable, HH411 is fast, convenient and accurate rebound-style tester for the professionals.

963 Rockwell Hardness Testers
Supplier: Mitutoyo
Part#: Series 200

This series of economy type bench-top hardness testers manufactured by Mitutoyo (series 200) comes with four economical Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines to suit practically every hardness application.

Rockwell Type Hardness Testing Machines
Supplier: Mitutoyo
Part#: Series 810

Offering a real time electronic test force control, the Mitutoyo Bench Top Hardness Machine (series 810) delivers multiple hardness tests for Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial and Brinell hardness.