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Pneumatic Speed Control Test Stand

Part#: CL-150 Series
Supplier: Imada
Calibration Certificate: available on request

Rubber & Plastic Hardness Tester
with Pneumatic Speed Control and Flexible Coupling

rubber plastic pneumatic test standsCL-150 hardness tester eliminates different speed and load variables which occur when testing samples with a hand-held durometer. The test speed and load the durometer applies to rubber and plastic samples are kept constant with a pneumatic damper and a standard weight. In addition, our unique flexible coupling enables the presser foot of the durometer to make perfect contact even on samples with inclined surfaces. A printing roller durometer application can be setup using our special adapter.





  • Test speed and weight are constant
  • Test speed is adjustable with pneumatic damper
  • Unique flexible coupling system automatically aligns the presser foot to the surface of sample

Dimensions for CL-150L and CL-150H are the same except for the weight

cl-150 stand for durometers

Ordering info

SKUDescription Durometer WeightIn Stock
CL-150HConstant load stand Shore D 5000g 0
CL-150LConstant load stand Shore A, Asker C 1000g 0
CL-150MConstant load stand Shore A, Shore D, Asker C 1000g/5000g 0

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