Shimana Instruments in Canada


Test Blocks for Durometers
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHGLDR188/189 Series

These Shimana durometer test block kits are used as a method of determining the operational status of a shore A or D hardness tester.

Analog Shore Durometers
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHWSDR Series

These Shimana hardness testers, analog models are usualy used to measure the hardness of various plastic, elastomers , soft and hard rubber samples or various foam and sponge.

Test Stands for Durometers
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHWSDR059 Series

The Shimana Test Stand for Durometers was designed to provide the ASTM recommended set up to use in hardness measurements. These durometer test stands works with all Shimana durometers (digital or dial models).

Basic Digital Durometers
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHGLDR014/15/16 Series

This Shimana Basic Digital Durometer was designed for accurate and repeatable hardness measurements. Featuring a RS232C computer interface for recording, printing and analysing the measurements, the Shimana Basic Durometer gives exact hardness readings wi

Digital Shore A, D, OO Durometer
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHPMDR176/187/212 Series

This Digital Durometer features statistics, Max mode and Maximum average mode, average mode, peak difference, easy to read and large display with backlight and is available in Shore A, Shore D or Shore OO hardness Scales.

Leeb Impact Hardness Tester
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHPMHT134

The SHIMANA SHPMHT134 is a small Impact Hardness Tester which operates wherever a professional and resilient measurement solution is required. It can wirelessly connect to the printer (included) and comes with standard block and support ring.

Leeb Hardness Tester
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHGLHT131

This portable hardness tester is the simplest way to get rapid hardness tests in large range and multi-measuring areas for large scale work piece with accurately results.

All-in-one Portable Hardness Tester
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHPMHT136

The Shimana All in One Portable Hardness Tester is light in weight, compact and easy to use handling instrument designed to test the hardness at any angle (360�).

PDA Style Leeb Impact Hardness Tester
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHPMHT135

This rebound hardness tester features a PDA style design and comes with very flexible external probe to get safely in tiny places for hardness measurements.

HRA, HRB, HRC Manual Rockwell Hardness Tester
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHPIHT236

The hardnes test setup is just as fast and just as easy. Designed for high accuracy, reliability and durability, this Analog Hardness Tester manufactured by SHIMANA shows the HRA, HRB, HRC test results on the dial display.

Dual Scale Rockwell Hardness Tester
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: AERM

Purchase this quick and easy to operate bench top hardness tester manufactured by Shimana suited for any environment including workshops, laboratories and inspection labs.

Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHBLHT237

This Rockwell Testing Machine provides automatic test force, 15 Rockwell scales and is suitable for testing of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, non ferrous metal, engineering plastic, etc.

Advanced Rockwell Hardness Testers
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHBLHT238 series

Series of models with single Regular Rockwell and dual Regular Rockwell & Rockwell Superficial hardness scales. The force load automatically controlled by the computer. Shimana Rockwell Hardnes Testers with higher results for up to 15 kind Rockwell hardne

Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester (400 mm test height)
Supplier: Shimana
Part#: SHBLHT237-L

With a greater test height (400mm) and featuring both automatic test force switch and load cycle, this Shimana Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester displays the results digitally, print them or automatically transmitted to a computer.

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