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Type A Test Block Kit for Durometers

Part#: TBK-A
Supplier: Rex Gauge Durometers
Calibration Certificate: available on request

Since type "A" durometers test rubber and other softer non-metallics, it is possible for the user to imbed the foot of the durometer into the test specimen and obtain false readings. To obtain accurate readings using a durometer, one must develop the proper "feel" for the gauge.

Rex Gauge Co.'s Test Block Kit (TBK-1) gives the user the ability to develop the proper "feel", and, while it is not to be used for calibration purposes, it enables the user to perform a quick check for proper durometer operation. The kit consists of seven color-coded test blocks each of which measures ¼" x 2" x 2".

The blocks are calibrated here at Rex Gauge Co. and correspond to durometer values of 30 pts. to 90 pts. in increments of 10. The kit comes to you in a sturdy magnetic-latching carrying case with the true readings for each block on the inside cover of the case. At an additional cost, a certificate of calibration is also available for users who need documentation of traceability to NIST. Single test blocks for other durometer scales are also available.


  • 7 Color-Coded Test Blocks
  • Available For Other Durometer Types - Please Inquire
  • Custom Case
  • Made in the USA

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