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Type OO Test Block Kit

Part#: TBK-OO
Supplier: Rex Gauge Durometers
Calibration Certificate: available on request

Since type OO and OOO durometers test soft rubber, foams, gels and other very soft non-metallics, it is possible for the user to imbed the foot of the gauge into the test specimen and obtain false readings.

To obtain accurate readings using a durometer, one must develop a proper "feel" for the gauge. Rex Gauge Co.'s Test Block Kit for OO and OOO durometers gives the user the ability to develop the proper "feel". While not to be used for calibration purposes, the kit also enables the user to perform a quick check for the proper operation of the durometer.

The kit consists of three color-coded test blocks each measuring 1/4" x 2" x 2". The Kit is furnished with a sturdy magnetic-latching carrying case with the true readings for each block on the inside cover of the case. At an additional cost, a certificate of calibration is also available for users who need documentation of traceability to NIST.


  • 3 Color-Coded Test Blocks
  • Available For Other Durometer Types - Please Inquire
  • Custom Case
  • Made in the USA


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